Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


We have the following in the kitchen for use:

Crockery - 40 Coffee mugs, 60 Cups and Saucers, 60 Dinner Plates and 60 side (tea) plates
Cutlery - 50 Forks, 60 Spoons, 60 Knives, 40 teaspoons
Kitchen Equipmnet - 2 Electric kettle, 4 Teapots, 2 Glass jugs

Can be used and then have to be washed, dried and put away.

Hall Equipment:
Chairs - 80 folding chairs on 2 racks

Tables: 10 x  6ft x 3ft GoPack folding tables, plus 5 x  3ft x 3ft GoPack folding tables

Bouncy Castles

Yes you can but look at the hall plan as the space is limited and there is a height limit of 11ft


Yes it does. The hall iand toilets are cleaned every day and the toilets are restocked with all these.

Using the Audio Visual Equipment

Instructions for using the Village Hall Projector 

  • Connect your Computer or Video/DVD player to the projector.
  • VGA/SVGA: On the right hand side of the AV cabinet is an interface box with terminal connectors to the projector. There is an SVGA socket We do not normally supply these. (There is an SVGA Cable in the base of the AV cabinet)
  • HDMI : Pull out the HDMI cable from inside the top of the cabinet and conncet it to the computer
  • Power: Turn the electrical power on by the outside indicator switch on the left hand side of the box.

Make sure you turn this OFF when you have finished using the system.

  1. PROJECTOR - Starting Connections and Finishing

Switch the main power switch on that is the left hand side of the AV cabinet.(with the indicator light)

The projector power is switched on at the marked socket on the left side of the AV cabinet. The projector will then power up and be ready for use in a few minutes.

Connect your DVD player to the S-Video or Video Composite connection on the projector interface box on the right hand side of the AV box.

Or connect your Laptop with your VGA cable to the VGA connection on the interface box. The projector will automatically select the appropriate input. After turning on the projector make these connections with a couple of minutes otherwise the projector will automatically shut down.

When you have finished using the projector first disconnect from the projector interface box on the right hand side of the cabinet and wait 5 minutes and then switch off the power to the projector at the socket on the left hand side of the cabinet. During the 5 minutes the projector will switch off after cooling down.

  1. Audio equipment connections.

If you wish to connect your Video/DVD player or Computer to the hall audio system there is an audio connection box on the left side of the cabinet. This is a stereo phono connection and is directly linked to the amplifier.

You can also make connection to this by way of a cable with twin phone plugs. One is provided terminating in a 3.5mm jack plug. Do not take this cable away with you.

Adjust the volume levels on your computer or via the amplifier inside the AV cabinet. The padlock code is 1923. Please relock after use.

Also there is a 13amp power socket on the left side of the cabinet (for your equipment) that is on when the main power switch (with indicator) is on.

  1. When you have finished

When you have finished using the projector & audio system please return volume levels to those previously set, Turn OFF the Power switch on the left side and relock the cabinet with the padlock leaving the numbers at a different place from the opening combination.