Digswell Village Hall and Covid Regulations

During the currrent lockdown we are not able to operate the hall execpt for certain exceptions. These are listed on the Goverment web site relating to community halls. The link is:
 We have introduced the folllowing measures to make the hall Covid safe:
Social Distancing
We have introduced a one-way entry and exit system. After you have opened the hall at the front door, you will have to unlock the rear car park door by the kitchen entrance.
Leave the front door locked and all your members/class attendants etc, will be directed by our signs to come into the hall via the rear door. They can congregate there if it is raining or if you don’t have the hall ready for them.
Everyone will have to leave via the front door and the last one out will have to re-lock the rear door.
This will help to prevent people both arriving and departing at the front door, allowing for better social distancing. If wheelchair access is needed at the back door, a ramp is now available. This will be kept inside and needs to be lifted into place as needed and then stored inside again after use. 
To further facilitate separation we are asking you to observe our 30 minutes gap between bookings. You should arrive at the hall not more than 15 minutes before your booked start time and you should leave within 15 minutes of the end of your booked time. I will advise you of this again when you send me confirmation of the dates and times you wish to book.
Cleaning & Sanitising:
There will be hand sanitiser at both entrances and everyone is required to use this on entry to the hall. 
The hall and toilets will be cleaned at the start of each day but not between bookings. We ask you to clean any surface touched during your booking, before you leave.
In the room next to the rear door will be Antiviral Cleaner and paper tissues to do this.
Toilets: These will be available for use. Please following instructions displayed. Perspex screens have been fitted between the twin hand basins.
Track & Trace. Could you please keep a record of who comes to the hall during your booking. This is so that if necessary, people who have been in contact with a Covid virus carrier can be contacted.
Risk Assessment. We have carried out a Covid Risk Assessment. Thus is deplayed below. It is recommended that you also carry out a similar exercise and an example is available from me.
Conditions of hire. We are obliged to add to our hiring agreement a list of hire conditions relating to the prevention of the spread of the Covid-19 virus. A copy is attached.

Hiring Agreeement, Special Coditions and Covid_19 Risk Assessment can be accessed HERE